Tuesday 13 August 2013

Stepping Stone

I spent a few days last week on Exmoor. We visited Tarr steps, which is an ancient clapper bridge over the Barle river, and walked along the river bank. I balanced along a set of stepping stones to a large boulder in the middle of the river. The penultimate stone wasn’t at all secure and it gave way. I ended up half on the boulder half in the river. My shoe, sock, one trouser leg, and I were underwater to the knee and my shin was heavily grazed. The real problem however was that the "stepping stone" had rolled away and there was no easy way back.

I considered taking up residence where I was and living the rest of my life on a boulder in the middle of the Barle, or stripping off some of my still-dry clothes and wading back to the bank. I eventually managed to precariously replace the stepping stone, and I can only imagine that exactly the same thing will happen when the next tourist comes past.

Richard "fell in a river" B

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