Tuesday 27 August 2013


I write a blog every single week, I make a living with computers and I’ve spent nearly 14 years with a company specialising in online and social media engagement. As such I’m uniquely unqualified to not understand what the hell Twitter is. As a non-user the best I can gather is that it’s a bewildering inefficient text messaging service where you don’t specify to whom you send messages, but who’s messages you would like to receive.

People write short messages to either tell a joke, show off, or tell the public what they’re doing.

On Saturday when I went out to lunch I would have liked to be a twitterer. I was in a branch of Wagamama (the Japanese themed restaurant) and I ordered and ate something just because it sounded so odd and unappealing on the menu. I’d have enjoyed telling the world about it without leaving my seat.

@RJB just eaten half a tea stained egg #wagamama

Richard "noodle bar" B


  1. @me @RJB Was the serving size a whole egg?

  2. No! The description on the menu, and the thing that I ate in its entirety was "Half a tea-stained egg". It was half of a peeled hard boiled egg and it was a bit brown on the outside.