Tuesday 23 July 2013

Goodbye The Kicks

Last week the band that I have been playing in for the last 8 years broke up. I’m very sad about it, but I have nothing but good memories. All the rehearsals, all the laughs and all the shows were great. I know everybody thinks that they play in the best band in the world, but we were really something. When we were good we were spectacular, when we were bad we were still better than most. The public danced and sang along, and then booked us for their weddings, birthdays and parties, and then paid us! We impressed and befriended an old rock star, and the sound crew at a biker rally said we were the best band of the weekend (comparing us to professional touring bands).

The breakup wasn't exactly easy, but we’re all still on good terms. It didn't happen on stage. Nobody broke my sitar motherf**ker [note 1] and it happened before I was much too old and fat to be up on stage with an electric guitar.

Thank you to everybody who has been involved over the years, you've all been a big part of my life. The band has taught me a whole lot about music, and musicianship, and even more about friendship and collaboration.

Richard "When the kids had killed the man I had to break up the band" B

[note 1: If you don't recognise this reference, then you haven’t seen "Dig" the documentary about "The Brian Jonestown Massacre". I recommend that you watch it]


  1. No longer will you wear the pants of shame. Talking of them, where are they? i do hope you're not using them as a prototype for the wank'a'chief.

  2. I'll just explain that first comment for anybody reading this that wasn't in the band:

    The "pants of shame" are a very brief pair of knickers that were thrown (ironically) at our drummer. They ended up travelling with the band and being hung on your instrument/mic/head if you made a mistake on stage.

    The wank'a'chief is our business idea to become pornographers. We'd publish nudie photos of pretty women on large absorbent tissues.

    No. I've never used the pants of shame to mop up baby glue.

  3. I had some of my favourite gigs playing drums in The Kicks. I've also heard some of the most offensive jokes and comments in my life to date. Respect.