Thursday 29 September 2022

Are You Sure?

 A computer app will often throw up a message that says something like "Are you sure?" and you can click yes or no. I wanted to take some money out of a building society and the "yes" option of "are you sure?" opened up a boring side-quest IRL and the more I think about it the more ridiculous it seems.

Are you sure?
Download this pdf file and take it somewhere with a printing machine. Print the file onto a sheet of paper. Write your name briskly with an ink pen on the paper. Obtain another sheet of paper that has been folded and glued into a very specific shape. Put the first sheet of paper inside the second. Mark the second piece of paper with this exact string of symbols. Obtain a small sticky piece of paper that has a portrait of the last Queen on it. Stick the third piece of paper onto the second. Drop the whole bundle into a giant red cast-iron cupboard that you will find bolted down in the street.

Richard "paperless office" B

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