Friday 22 July 2022

Climate Change

 On Monday I took my Caterham to Snetterton circuit. It was the hottest day sin... ever yet the car behaved very well. The coolant and oil were running over 100°C, the track was hot, the air was hot, the sun was very strong but nothing leaked out or went wrong. One of the worst bits was the temperature in the drivers compartment. When Caterham switched over to using Ford engines the exhaust moved over to the driver's side. That means that it's you who gets deafened (not you passenger) and it's you who burns your leg getting out of the car (not your passenger). It also means that the hottest part of the engine bay is right in front of the pedal box. By the afternoon putting your feet on the pedals was like putting your feet into an oven, and both my guest and I damaged our shoes. I melted the rubber sole on mine, and my guest melted the glue that held the sole on!

Richard "warm" B

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