Monday 7 March 2022


 I once turned up to a works night out with indelible black stains on my hands. I had, that afternoon put the wings back on my Renault 4 and I had made a mess with the sealant. There was somebody there who used to work in garages and he leapt to my defence and said "to be fair I end up looking like that whenever I use Tigerseal".

Years later I made the same sort of mistake with polyurethane sealant, but there were wood shavings involved. It was a lot like being tarred-and-feathered. There was some chit-chat recently about public punishments and I heard it proposed that Canadians probably used syrup and leaves rather than tar and feathers.

This weekend I reversed my car into a gatepost and damaged one of the fibreglass wheel arches. I put a reinforcing patch on the inside to stop the crack from worsening. During this "repair" some of the rapidly setting polyester resin got away from me and I tried to wipe it up with blueroll. This was a mistake. Let me say that I am clean again now, but that it's a nightmarish combination of sticky, absorbent and messy. You contaminate everything you try to use, and you end up with all kinds of inconvenient objects glued to your hands.

Richard "wear gloves" B

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