Wednesday 5 January 2022


 When I was at Primary school we had to do a little presentation and I talked about Drake repelling the Spanish armada. I'd obviously been drilled in what to say, and so as a small awkward ginger child with a ludicrously posh I accent I got up and said something about "...superior knowledge of local wind and tide..." This was apparently funny and memorable. It's more than 40 years ago, but I still get reminded of it often enough.

At the weekend we had our work Christmas party, among other things it included a very good sit-down meal. I was talking about a meme whereby you form your super-hero name from the colour of your shirt followed by the last thing you ate. I was Blue-Scallop and Black-Camembert asked me what my superpower would be. It seemed to me that it would have to be something about sea water, and it eventually dawned on me that it would be "a superior knowledge of local wind and tide".

They say that not all heroes wear capes, but Black-Camembert actually does. I thought to start with it was a shrug or a cardigan worn off the shoulders, but it was a cape. I'd quite like to read the graphic novel about her, but they're bound to make it into a Hollywood film.

Richard "Paisley Muesli" B

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