Tuesday 26 November 2019

Wet Weekend

This weekend I went to a track day at Castle Combe. It was wet all day and there were a lot of stoppages and a lot of queueng up.

The most interesting car I saw was a modern Renault Alpine. In the flesh they're quite pretty, and it was quick. The owner said that its basically a Megane Sport going in reverse. It's rear wheel drive with the engine in front of the axle. I'd quite fancy one if they weren't so damned expensive.

One of my friends is a great car enthusiast and has quite a collection of cars. So few of them run, or are in one piece that he spends most of his time and effort on towing vehicles and trailers. When he goes to a track day he wanders around the paddock admiring the trailers and towing hitches. I texted him from Castle Combe to tell him about the 3 axle fully enclosed Brian James Race Transporter that I saw being towed by a Landrover Discovery 3. He didn't even ask what cars were inside it.

My favourite comment of the day came from someone I met in the paddock. We were examining the damaged wreckage of a Clio that had ploughed into the tyre wall at Tower on a very wet track: "I'm not going to tell him how to drive, but his car's all smashed up and he's got semi-slicks on it and his wets are still on the trailer."

Richard "covered wagon" B

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