Tuesday 28 November 2017

Key Cutting, Shoe Repairs, Engraving.

I'd like to tell you about all the funny or exciting things I did over the weekend, but there aren't any. It was all ironing and filing.

Yet again the key to the back gate at my mum's house has broken. The blanks for the key are no longer manufactured. There isn't a replacement lock available that would fit in the existing gate. The gate is bespoke because of the odd hinge position and it would cost several hundred pounds to have a new one built.

The light in my garage is terrible so I ended up with the work-enemy in the kitchen (where I've got a new LED batten) for the whole weekend. I made the third tooth on the top flag of this key:

All the cutting and forming was done by hand with worn out needle files. Thankfully I do have a very good soldering station and a small personal stock of (now outlawed) tin-lead-silver solder.

Richard "Weller TCP, Screwdriver bit, temperature range 9" B

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