Tuesday 18 July 2017

Thank You, We'll Let You Know

This weekend I was running sound for an Oasis tribute band and I witnessed the most impossibly thorough and harsh audition process.

Bass players are notoriously unreliable and the band are looking for a new one. They rehearsed with a young lad three times and then had him play fourteen songs at a large free public show. The show was on the green of the Exmouth Pavillion, there were at least 200 people on the grass listening (including his mother who was beaming with pride) plus every tourist who walked along the seafront. To really add to the pressure, this was the first time he has played in front of anybody except once –at school- for a music lesson. He's an accomplished bass-player and he played well. He did make a couple of mistakes, but he didn't freak out and rescued himself each time. If it were up to me I would have marked him down severely for going home before we'd packed all the drums, pa and heavy stuff back into the cars.

The sad thing is that he neither got, nor failed to get the gig. He's still in the running. I think it would be like asking somebody to go on a date and them saying "Well lets move in together, have a couple of children, see how it goes for a decade and then I'll let you know..."

Richard "our rider was chips and sandwiches" B

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