Tuesday 30 May 2017

Look at me!

This is some heavily compressed video of me driving my kit car around castle combe. It's interesting for me to watch, because at the time I thought I was making a pretty good job of it. The turn ins and clipping points are good, all the exits are wimpy and don't use anything like the whole track. The problem might be incorrect entry speed, putting the power back at the wrong time, or most likely a failure of courage.

If you look at how much the horizon rolls and pitches you can see that we're actually on luxuriously soft suspension.

If you're interested in the speed, we're doing almost 110mph around the bend after the start-line. You're not allowed to time your laps at a track day, but looking at the timestamps on the video I get an average speed of about 75mph.

Richard "grow a pair" B

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