Tuesday 24 January 2017

Four Symbols

I'm no good at impressions. I can do a passable "The little plastic diver from the last contraption in the Mousetrap boardgame", "The noise the Torpoint chain ferry used to make before they replaced the main sheaves", I look a lot like The Birdman and that's it. This weekend I accidentally added a new physical impression to my repertoire.

When I moved into my house I wanted a beech hedge, but I somehow ended up with a pair of Kentish Cob Nuts instead. These damned trees need pruning every winter and you end up with a massive pile of sticks to dispose of. In the past I have cut the sticks into length and taken them to the tip in bags. This year to save time I lined them all up and wrapped them into a bundle with bungee cords.

I just managed to carry the huge bundle of long straightish sticks to the car and I assume that while I did so I looked exactly like the bloke in the picture on the front of Led Zeppelin Four.

Richard "clang-clang-clang-clang-clang" B

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