Wednesday 24 August 2016

Castle Combe

This weekend I did a track day at Castle Combe in the car that I built. It behaved impeccably, the car, my passenger and I came back unscathed (although the soft-top doesn't look too clever at 115mph and the brakes got nearly red hot).

The track marshals communicate with the drivers by flag signals which we had to learn. Track days are strictly non-competitive so there are subtle differences to the signals used in racing.

Yellow – incident ahead. Slow down. No overtaking.
Red – Serious incident. Slow down. No overtaking. Exit to the pit lane.
Red and Yellow – Slippery or contaminated surface ahead.
Black – You or your car are misbehaving. Exit to the pit lane. Report to the marshals.
Black and White chequered – lunchtime.

Richard "I never knew racing drivers were so keen on getting their lunch" B

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