Wednesday 20 July 2016


About twenty years ago I had to move a broken down motorbike from Marsh Mills to Furzehatt Road. I took two friends with me and managed to push it home easily. In all the time since we've barely stopped taking the piss out of the weaker friend because even though he didn't take a turn pushing the bike, the walk was too far for him. I ended up letting him sit on the bike while I pushed both home.

I'm not as fit and strong as I was back then, and my motorbike is much larger and heavier. Yesterday was the hottest and sunniest day I've ever seen in Plymouth, my bike broke down – again near Marsh Mills. I had the whole afternoon to myself and thought that I would be able push it home. I was wrong, when I started the steep climb to my house I got faint and unstable on my feet, nearly dropped the bike on myself, and had to ring up friends for help. I'm now sunburned, blistered on hand and foot, the bike doesn't start, and I'm not walking around with a massive sense of physical achievement.

Richard "how much does motorcycle recovery cost?" B

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