Tuesday 17 May 2016

Wrong Shoes

Time marches inexorably onwards: The martins are back, some of my bees have left their cocoons, Mrs wood pigeon has finished sitting on her nest, I de-winterized and started my late father's motor mower (4th pull motherfucker!), my mother is getting deafer and my friends' bladders are getting weaker.

Nothing however has made me feel as old as a shop assistant questioning whether my favourite shoes are still age appropriate. I know her well enough to speak to (and to buy groceries from) but no better than that. At the weekend she pointed out my Star Wars Vans and asked me if I thought I was still a teenager.

Star Wars was on general release before I was five. Vans shoes became popular during the skate boarding boom of the 70s. If anything I'm too young for the shoes. Bitch!

Richard "over the hill" B

1 comment:

  1. Don't worry, just grow a hipster beard then you can wear whatever you like. Plus no-one will talk to you anyway.