Tuesday 9 February 2016

Wake Up

I seldom remember my dreams but last week I found myself locked into a cavernous dark office with a Dutchman. I knew that there was nobody anywhere near us  (except a herd of deer outside) and that we were supposed to be doing some very urgent computer work. There was foreboding organ music including (I think) a gothic arrangement of the Teddybear's Picknick and we ate liquorice flavoured with ammonium chloride.

No hold on, that was real life, my dreams a much more mundane.

I came in to work one night to help one of the network engineers (originally from the Netherlands) do some out-of-hours software upgrades. The office is huge and used to be a warehouse. It's on an industrial estate that's deserted at night. The digital radio wasn't available and Radio2 had a half hour special about the pipe organ.

Richard "Is that the alarm clock?" B

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