Monday 25 January 2016

Restaurant Club

This weekend saw the reformation of "Restaurant Club" in my group of friends. The first rule of restaurant club is that we'll probably lose interest and give up by March. The second rule of restaurant club is that we take it in turns to pick a restaurant and we all go there to eat.

This weekend we ate at Salumi. I didn't like the over-elaborate moustache on the barman, and I didn't like the menu. It was full of pretentious and foreign words (that's the menu, not the moustach), it was hard to guess what you were going to get, it wasn't clear whether dishes were appetisers, starters or main courses, and how many people they were for. I also thought it was a little expensive.

On the other hand the waitress was exceptionally friendly and helpful and knew everything, and every morsel of food and drink that they brought to the table was exquisite.

Richard "not a food critic" B

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