Tuesday 15 December 2015

Bah Humblog

file under: impotent whining

I love Christmas – hanging around eating and drinking with friends and family, open fires, nuts, carols, satsumas, turkey sandwiches with mayonnaise and a hangover, new toys, watching the Queen and a James Bond film… There are many aspects of the preparatory period that I dislike, I'm rubbish at buying presents and I find writing cards a chore. One of my friends makes it even worse by consistently giving me both clothing that fits and suits me and cards with sincere touching messages. The bastard – how can I compete with that?

Two things have brought me pre-Christmas festive cheer this year. One of my colleagues has organised a collection of Christmas presents for the homeless. It seems that they have fairly modest tastes in gifts that they would like to receive, and I imaging them being genuinely appreciative. I have really enjoyed buying presents for homeless strangers.

A friend of mine was shopping in Poundland and overheard the most excellent exchange that really cuts to the heart of gift giving culture. "Mummy, what is a stocking filler?" "It's crap".

Richard "you haven't brought me a gift, you've left me with an obligation" B

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