Tuesday 24 March 2015


I don't remember doing it, but I have signed up to the most fantastic service with the electricity company. A week or two before they send me a new bill, they warn me that it is coming by breaking the door off the meter box.

It's an excellent idea because as well as being forewarned that an electricity bill is on its way I get to spend an entire afternoon devising ever more elaborate ways to fix the door onto the increasingly fragile and broken cabinet.

This time I drilled my way in from the top and bottom and put solid brass rods through the middle of what's left of the hinge. Next time I will rivet parliament hinges onto the outside of the door and the cabinet. The time after that I intend to reinforce the jamb with oak and use coach bolts to fix on gate tee hinges. After that I imagine I'll have to move house because the man from the electricity board will probably be using explosives to make sure that I can't close the meter box.

Richard "the next door neighbour just uses gaffa tape" B

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