Tuesday 27 January 2015


One of the skills that you develop as a computer programmer is to read meaning into terse and complicated one-word names. If we saw something called "lastinlist" we'd know that it was the last something in some list. More usually we'd write the name as "lastInList" to make the words easier to separate.

There used to be a bowling alley in Plympton called the "Superbowl". Unfortunately their signage had an outsized "O" and with finger holes. This meant that I could never read the name or think of the place as anything other than the "Superb Owl". I passed a building in Portsmouth called the "Bowlplex". I suppose it could have been a place containing multiple bowling lanes, but it seems much more likely that the "b" tells us it's a Boolean variable indicating the truth or falsity of the proposition "owlplex". I assume that an owl-plex is distinguished from a simple owl in that it can represent multiple owls. The UK owl-plex probably aggregates little, long-eared, short-eared, tawny and screech.

Since I have been going out with a woman in Seattle I have adopted the Seattle Seahawks as "my" American Throwball team. They are going to the Superb Owl, and this weekend is Superb Owl Sunday!

Richard "camelCase" B


  1. Let's hope they'll be the Superb Hawks!

  2. Does Seattle mean sea tattle? Idol gossip of a nautical nature?

    As in "Aar, don't tell the Boson but there be squirming rats in the bilges again"

  3. Looks like someone over at McSweeney's was on the same wavelength today: http://www.mcsweeneys.net/articles/words-that-could-conceivably-be-used-to-describe-both-the-super-bowl-and-a-superb-owl