Tuesday 3 June 2014

Hand Signals

This weekend I did a lot of miles on a motorbike. As a motorcyclist it's good practice to leave your headlight on at all times. It makes you more visible, and hopefully less likely to get run down. Most modern motorcycles don't even let you turn the headlight off. I can't understand why but quite a number of motorcyclists have decided to ride around with the high-beam on all the time. All this achieves is to dazzle and annoy the other road users. As a motorcyclist who would rather not get run down by a car I try to discourage any behaviour which predisposes car drivers against motorcyclists.

"You've got your high-beam on and it's annoying for everyone else on the road" is a difficult message to mime in a few seconds, but I have a special sort of wave which conveys the main sentiment. Start with your forearm horizontal and your palm upwards. Make a very loose fist - as though grasping something about the diameter of a broom handle. Now, while keeping the forearm still, vigorously waggle the fist left and right - the movement should all come from the wrist.  

Richard "lots of them wave back" B

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