Tuesday 18 February 2014


Unsurprisingly I didn't have a date on St. Valentine's day. Instead I had been invited to the most pretentious event ever, it was an album launch party in a record shop. Not only was it after hours when the shop should have been closed and not only was it in a muso/hipster all-vinyl record shop, it was in the less welcoming muso/hipster all-vinyl record shop where they only stock records that people like me have never heard of. Not only was I far too old and not good enough looking to be there, it was completely full of hipsters with stupid clothes/beards/hair/makeup/fucking bobble hats indoors and thick rimmed black specs. To really put the pretentious cherry on top of the ostentatious cake there was a bewildering and highly entertaining spoken word artist before the band.

Richard "the band were completely wonderful" B

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