Tuesday 20 August 2013


On Friday I went out drinking in Plymouth. Just like in the old days we saw the Bird Man. I think his star in on the wane now, but the Bird Man used to be a really famous Plymouth drinker. He was always out and about, people were always buying him drinks, waving, cheering, and having their photo taken with him.

Interestingly he comes from an extremely musical family and his mum taught my favorite local singer to play the piano.

When I saw the Bird Man on Friday I was seated, I raised my arm and waved. He saw me and waved back. I then tried to stretch my arm out further to kind of acknowledge his wave, or to engage in some long-distance tele-high-five, or something. I don’t know, I had been drinking. What it actually meant was that I accidentally offered the Bird Man a Nazi salute.

Richard "Sieg Heil" B

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