Sunday 19 May 2013

Citroen Nemo blower motor

The cabin heater blower failed in my Citroen Nemo, and the internet failed to tell me how to fix it. This is what I learned. It will also apply to Peugeot Bipper and Fiat Fiorino. It only applies to the Right-Hand-Drive models (i.e. we drive on the left in England). I have no idea where it's hidden on LHD models.

The blower fan is located behind the glove box.

The glove box and its lid come out of the dash board in one unit.

All but one of the screws to take the glove out are quite easy to find.

Open the glove box, there are 3 self tapping screws with torx25 heads along the top. There are another 2 holding the wire lid-catch in place. There is a much larger bolt with an Allen key head  right in the middle of the glove box.

Close the glove box and get down in the passenger footwell. There are another 4 torx self tappers holding the bottom edge of the glove box. I bet you can only see 3 of them. The last one is hidden by a flimsy shroud.

  1. The first job is to remove the flimsy shroud. It's a thin horizontal bit of plastic just above the passenger's feet. It's held in by two plastic plugs. On my car the shroud is black and the plugs are white so they're quite easy to find. The plugs will lever out if you can get a tool under the head. Be gentle, you need to keep them.
  2. Remove all the torx self tappers: 3 from the top edge, 2 from the wire lid catch, 4 from the bottom edge. (Thanks Carol)
  3. Remove the large bolt from the middle of the glove box.
  4. Wrestle, pry, and jiggle the complete glove box and lid from the car. 
The blower, including the fan and motor are in a large white nylon cylinder that looks a bit like a bucket. I'm sorry I didn't take a photo, but I don't own a digital camera. Play with the heater controls, It's quite entertaining to see what they do.

The motor and fan can be dropped off the bottom of the white bucket without taking any more of the dashboard out. There is however one piece of ducting in the way. It's the bit that channels air from the centre console to the passenger's feet.

  1. Locate the bit of ducting that I'm talking about. It's just under the white plastic bucket (the blower fan housing if you prefer).
  2. Remove the 1 screw that fixes the end of the ducting to the blower fan housing.
  3. Twist and pull on the ducting for several minutes until you convince yourself that it can't be removed. It will then mysteriously become very simple to remove. Try to remember how it came out, you've got to put it back in later. 

The motor and fan are held onto the bottom of the fan housing by 3 screws with 5.5mm hex heads. There's not a lot of room, but you can see them if you lie in the footwell.

  1. Remove the 3 screws that hold the fan and the housing together.
  2. Pull firmly on the motor to disengage it from the fan housing.
  3. Unclip the electrical wires that connect into the motor.
You should now have the fan, the motor, and the lower half of the fan housing in your hand. You can now take them to the bench and discover that the motor cannot be disassembled, and that there are very few serviceable components. In my case I'm hopeful, but not confident, that I've fixed the motor. I think the problem was that the brushes were gummed up in their guides. You could alwasy go to Citroen and buy a new one.

Richard "Haynes" B


  1. It took me weeks to figure out you only posted on a Tuesday, so it wasn't worth checking more than once a week. And here you are posting on Sunday, the exception that proves the rule.

    So do I go back to checking more than once a week?

    1. I only post on a Tuesday (or Wednesday) about the stupid things that happen in my life. This article was outside the main flow of the blog, I just wanted somewhere for Citroen Nemo owners could share my discoveries. I wouldn't bother checking more than once a week. When you go to and read the story, there will be a link somewhere at the bottom right that says "older posts". If you click that you get to the previous story, and you can quickly decide if you've read everything up to date.

  2. thank you great help

  3. It can be repaired. I followed your excellent instructions to get it out. You need a good soldering iron and be are happy dismantling motors. The brushes on mine were only about one third used. I think one was sticking. One rub on two sides of each brush with a flat file should see them go to max. use. If you fancy a go at it undo the two torx screws holding it. Cut around the socket seal with a Stanley knife and it will pull out to reveal the brushes. The brush wire and a thick wire are pushed into a crimp and soldered. Apply the iron and lever out when liquid. Separate brush wire and thick wire. Hook brush spring out of the way into the slot provided and lift out the brush. If it goes again in a few years I'll replace the brushes with something similar from ebay, cut to size.

  4. I fitted a new motor bought for £89.00 and took 40 mins thanks to your instructions, cheers

  5. Thanks worked a treat. Small water leak on to the motor and stuck brushes. Quick disassembly and clean up and it is as good as new.

  6. Very useful thanks. One of the two motor brushes was stuck and I was able to free it and get the motor working without unsoldering the brush. I thought after finishing the job that the motor/fan unit could have been removed without removing the glove box, as long as the ducting was removed, but I'm not sure.

  7. Brilliant instructions, got a new motor for £56 and now it works like a dream. Without your help I'd either have broken something trying to figure it out or had a stupid high bill from a garage, thanks for you clear instructions

  8. @lee white. You're welcome, I'm glad my instructions were useful. £56 sounds like a bargain, where did you get the new motor from?

  9. Hello

    Brilliant instructions, I've just bought a new motor off eurocarparts for £55. So hopefully it goes back together as easily. I have faith thanks to your instructions.

  10. Good tutorial.

    My Citroen Nemo blower motor does NOT work at all.

    Before i start I'm wondering if there is a fuse to check first?

    Thanks for any help in advance.

  11. update: I took the blower motor out of my Citroen Nemo van, and check with 2 wires to the battery, and the motor works.

    it can only be a fuse or thye switch?

    nothing on the internet about the fuses for these vans!

  12. Had blower resister changed and switches checked. Only thing left is blower motor and I think that it's the bushes. I'm not gonna repair it, for 56 quid on ebay for a new one with free delivery I'll just replace it

  13. Once i had the motor out I could see the brushes. A little prodding with a flat bladed screwdriver freed the brushes. plugged it back in and checked it operated. All 4 speeds, so the resistor was ok too.

  14. How do I get the resistor unit out , can't see any screws in it ?

  15. On my nemo the heater blower works with ignition off any clues why ?

  16. There is a small screw in the resistor , unplug wires take out screw then you have to press 2 locating clips one at each end then it goes to the left and pops out .

  17. Just a serious thank you for your extremely clear instructions/explanation. My Nemo fan stopped working. I followed your steps and it's working really well now. Thanks.

  18. Heater blower not working , changed blower put in new resistor checked all fuses still nothing any clues please