Tuesday 5 February 2013


One of my friends plays in an Oasis tribute, and petty jealousy has lead to me pretending that it's Plymouth's first All Gay Oasis Tribute[1]. They are all in fact straight.  We once modified this chalk board outside a venue. I have described them as a Gay Oasis Tribute many times in this blog, and I drove to Birmingham and back with them with "Homosonic" written on my van.

This weekend it all came true. They were playing the opening night of a pub called The Cock and Balls The Cock and Bull. I had a bewildering conversation with a woman on the dancefloor. I'm not good at starting conversations, but her opening question struck even me as odd. "Hello, Are you gay?" she asked. She was quite a sturdy woman, wearing straight legged jeans and pink Doc Marten boots. "No. Are you?" With complete disbelief she said "No". We then stared at one another in awkward puzzled silence until she explained "I thought you might be, what with it being a gay pub."

So the not really Gay Oasis Tribute played the opening night of a gay pub called The Cock and Balls The Cock and Bull and a member of the public saw their soundman and assumed he was gay. You ask yourself how much more gay could this be and the answer is none. None more gay.

Richard "Girl. I Wanna take you to a gay bar." B

[Note 1]
If you think that my using "gay" as an insult is terribly unenlightened, you just have to remember what my niece says: "If you're gay, and you can't accept that people use gay as a mild pejorative, that's just gay".

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