Tuesday 20 November 2012


Unless you have some interest in motorbikes you can safely stop reading at this point.

Over the weekend I spent a fortune on a brand new Yamaha TMax. It's interesting for several reasons:

  • It's a step-thru with a 500cc engine.
  • It's a parallel twin with a 360degree crank (like an old British bike).
  • The cylinders are canted so far forwards that they are practically horizontal.
  • It's got dry sump lubrication.
  • It's got a reciprocating balance weight to counteract the vibration from the pistons. (It runs in a 'cylinder' 180degrees away from the combustion cylinders)
  • There's room for the balance weight because it doesn't have a proper gearbox.
  • It's got Vee-belt continuously variable transmission.
  • It's got a multi-plate wet clutch (like a real motorbike) but it's automatic and centrifugally operated.
  • The final drive chain runs in a sealed oil bath.
  • It's got what they call an oversize water jacket to reduce noise and vibration (and decrease performance).
  • It's big, super comfortable and really easy to ride (despite weighing nearly 200kg)
  • My friends are already calling it a "T-k-maxx".
Richard "moped" B

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