Tuesday 28 August 2012


Drummers spend years learning a skill called independence. This doesn't mean learning to live away from their mums, or making their own decisions; it means being able to do different things and play different rhythms with each of their (usually) four limbs.

The drummer that I have been playing with for the last six years played his last show with the band this weekend. It was emotional and poorly attended. Over all this time, and during every song that we have played he has been the model of friendly dependability. I have many fond memories of him, and his playing will be sorely missed. However, the best demonstration of his skill came nowhere near a drum kit, it was when I handed him a mug of tea and a slice of cake. I offered them to him at the same time, the wrong way around. With fluid and instinctive motion he crossed his hands (right over left), grabbed the tea and the cake simultaneously, and brought the cake up to his mouth in his left hand without spilling the tea.

Richard "Goodbye" B


  1. I just wanted to say thanks for Saturday, and for the last six years.

    I was really touched by the leaving presents. I enjoyed myself although I’ve played better, I think all my family made me a bit nervous but they really enjoyed it. I hope you guys had fun too.

    It’s been great fun, and had it not been for you guys I might have given up drums long ago (lessons are expensive and I’ve often had nowhere to practice). I’m a much better drummer for the experience. My dream is one day to be able to afford a house with a garage (I do envy you RJB!).

    There’s been lots of gigs which stand out- the first wedding we played (what seemed like a nightmare turned out really well), the last wedding we played (I sat in poo corridor/corner with half a drum kit). The bikers gig; in particular RJB asking the hairy bikers the way to the tent. The airfield gig which was just awesome. The recent cherry tree gig where RJB was chatting up the married woman. And even back to the early days when we used to support the Backbeat Beatles (I can’t remember much about the first gig…), and the funky judge show.

    And then there was the food……..I feel I’ve become a buffet connoisseur over the years ;)

    I liked being part of the gang and how despite all the venues, organisers, pubs and everyone else often seeming to be against us, we’d always pull off a great show. I am going to miss you guys and the band; I’m the Kicks biggest fan, and no disrespect to the Cherry Tree, or any of the grotty pubs we’ve played I know you’re a great band and deserve to be appreciated more. I can’t wait to see you with the new drummer

  2. Its been a pleasure……..its going to be weird turning around at gigs and you not being sat there. You’re a great drummer and we’re all going to miss you on a Thursday & at gigs. I hope you carry on with the drums because you’ll be great in any band you play with. The last 6 years have been great!

    Much love