Monday 7 March 2011

2011 Lottery Emails Omnibus

Each week I send an email to members of the lottery syndicate. I sometimes include a joke or observation, and I usually assign myself a joke middle name. These are my names from 2011:

Tue 04/01/2011
I will send the new year's day results after I have set up a new spreadsheet for 2011. Good luck to us all.
Richard "excel" B

Tue 04/01/2011
Richard "back to work" B

Mon 10/01/2011
Richard "my bike's got front brakes again" B

Mon 17/01/2011
Richard "It was supposed to say 'The Kicks' above 'Puppet Show'" B

Mon 31/01/2011
Richard "stayed up past my bedtime" B

Mon 07/02/2011
Richard "pub quiz champions" B

Mon 07/03/2011
Richard "geriatric nurse" B