Monday 16 May 2005


This is a quiz which I wrote for the staff at work. It is designed so that you have to be a Plymouthian and a geek to score highly. I should have just given the prize to Rob McCarthy straight off.

1) Which balding, sport jacket wearing local celebrity is it usual to see either drinking heavily, Singing Karaoke supprisingly well, or walking towards some pub or club, but virtually nowhere else?
Bonus point: What is his real name?

2) What unit of time is equivalent to 20.16 min?

3) Holders of which position have been lost to, amongst other things, gardening accident, spontaneous combustion, and choking on vomit?

4) What is a large, primitive, power-hungry active electrical device, similar in function to a FET but constructed out of glass, metal, and vacuum. Characterized by high cost, low density, low reliability, high-temperature operation, and high power dissipation?

5) If I bought seats U580 through to U585 and thought I had bought 5 seats, what type of counting error have I made?

6) Where would you buy a half yarder?
Bonus point: What do you receive if you consume the whole thing?

7) What does dl do in vi?

8) What happens at GUPA-P?

9) Why would it be funny to refer to a business which specialises in removing laquer and anodizing from metalwork as "Diamond Lil's"?

10) What is the second rule of robot club?