Thursday 15 February 2001

Date Report 1

  1. Introduction
  2. Background and Preface
  3. Report
  4. Conclusions
  5. References and Bibliography
 1. Introduction
The purpose of this report is to address any issues arising out of a meal which Richard Redacted attended with Redacted on the evening of 14th February 2001. Its intended audience is close friends of mine, and any interested parties.

2. Background and Preface
14th February is also known as "St Valentine's Day" and is a tradition occasion for romantic gestures, and anonymous gift giving. In most cases it would seem reasonable to assume that two single people eating out together were involved in some kind of romantic engagement. This report will address the nature of the evening in question. It will also be important to determine whether a similar "date" may be forthcoming in the near future, and whether the individuals involved "got any".
3. Report
Redacted was picked up from her home at approximately 6 minutes past 8pm on the evening of the 14th February. She was driven by Richard Redacted in his Renault 4 GTL to a car parking place in Plymouth's Barbican area. They then proceeded on foot to the Thai Palace on the corner of Vauxhall street and Notte Street. Mr Redacted introduced himself to the waiting staff of the resturaunt as Mr Alias. A reservation had been made in that name for a table for two. The couple were shown to the table where they sat, austensibly as Mr Alias and his guest.

During the course of the evening the Mr Redacted and Miss Redacted ordered and consumed:
  • 1 Bottle of Singha Thailand beer
  • 2 classes of red wine
  • 1 Pad Thai
  • 1 Chicken fried rice with vegetables
  • 1 Roast duck curry
  • 1 Chicken Green curry.
  • 1 pot jasmine tea
  • 1 fresh pineapple and ice-cream sweet.
  • along with a small quantity of medicated snuff which Mr Redacted brought with him.
Mr Redacted paid for the meal in cash, Miss Redacted and Mr Redacted walked back to the Renault 4 GTL and Mr Redacted drove Miss Redacted back to her place of residance before driving himself home. Mr Redacted did not leave the car on Miss Redacted's alightment, and only made a cursory check that she had regained entrance to her house while maneauvering the car.

Miss Redacted was invited to attend the meal by Mr Redacted earlier that day shortly after Mr Alias had emailed the entire staff of the company offering to allow any of them to take over the table booking. Apparently Mr Alias had made the booking some weeks earlier and then discovered that it was surplus to requirements late on the 13th February.

It is Mr Redacted's claim that he had no romantic or sexual intent towards Miss Redacted on the occasion of the meal, although it is well known that he has prieviosly considered her as "very sexy" and has at times harboured lustful thoughts regarding her.

Miss Redacted herself is in the initial stages of a relationship with a man, first name "Owen" living somewhere in the environs of bath. Mr Redacted is in frequent email and telephone communication with a professional woman, Miss Redacted, living in California, whom he spent a week staying with in early December of 2000. He variously describes this American as "my girlfriend" "the American woman" "the lovely Judy" amongst others. It appears that they are engaged in a tentative very long distance romance.

During the meal, and the car journeys to and from it indicators of romance or sexual tension between Mr Redacted and Miss Redacted were negligeable to non-existant:
  • Compliments:   Cursory, politeness.
  • Flirting:   Trace or Nil.
  • Physical contact: Nil
  • Eye contact:  Normal.
The main bulk of the conversation of the evening involved the management and working conditions at Their company, and the mental and emotional states of various members of the permanent staff there. The was no effort made be either party to arrange a similar evening out, or to attend one another's house in the near future.

4. Conclusions
Unlikely though it sounds, it seems that the most likely explanation of this evening is that two individuals who have worked together for over a year decided to share a meal out rather than stay at home alone on Valentine's day. There is no evidence of any romantic or sexual overtones to the evening.

5. References and Bibliography
email message from Alias to the entire staff off Redacted:
In case anyone has forgotten about Valentines or needs to exonerate themselves in any way (no names mentioned...) I have made a booking for two at the Thai Palace in the Barbican that I won't be needing to use anymore (I've got other plans)
It's for 8:30 tonight.
Otherwise I'll cancel it at lunchtime.
email conversation between Mr Redacted and Miss Redacted
 -----Original Message-----
 From: Redacted
 Sent: 14 February 2001 17:18
 To: Richard Redacted
 Subject: RE: What do you say then?
 Oh go on then - you've twisted my arm!
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Richard Redacted
> Sent: 14 February 2001 17:16
> To: Redacted
> Subject: What do you say then?
> C'mon you know you want to. Morvs said I should take over the booking.
> Here's you with no valentine, mine is 6500 miles away if I
> have on at all. I'm offering to pick you up and buy you a
> nice meal, nothing else.
> Hmmm?
Snippet of email message from Mr Redacted to Miss Redacted in San Fransisco
I trust that this is alright with you: I'm taking a young lady out for a meal this evening. There's nothing in it romantically speaking. Mr Alias (one of my colleages) had a booking for tonight at the Thai palace which is one of my favourite resteraunts. It transpired that he is no longer going, I suspect that there's a good story behind it but I don't know the details. Anyway I said I'd take over the booking rather than waste it, and what with today being today I couldn't really bring myself to take on of my male friends. Redacted whom I also work with has used me as a fake-boyfriend in the past when she's had to attend somehting as a couple, and now it's her turn to repay the favour.

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