Wednesday 28 December 2022

Colour Perception

 I'm hoping to sell my house next year, and as such I have made a very gentle start on decorating it. I started with painting the bathroom. When I bought the house all the walls were magnolia coloured. When I put down a cork floor I also painted the walls yellow. The colour I chose was so strong that it was an absolute eyesore, but I didn’t want to try to paint over it with something too different - I'm sure it would have shown through. After a couple of weeks I painted over it with a much more muted pale yellow.

What colour exactly? I can tell you! It's the EXACT same colour as masking tape. I put some around the woodwork that I was painting and it absolutely disappeared into the walls. It honestly looked like the masking tape became transparent when it stuck to the wall.

Richard "pantone" B

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