Tuesday 20 September 2022


 In the early 90s my father built a very accurate model of the boat that he owned at the time. It was an 18' Plymouth Pilot called Mimosa. The building of the model was significant to me because it divided my life into two parts: The part where I didn’t understand the lines drawing of a hull shape, and the part where I could read them quite easily.

The model has been gathering dust and dirt and pieces have got broken or gone missing since my father's death. I inherited this model as part of my mother's estate and I have been cleaning and restoring it. The boat has a cuddy at the front and there are grab rails on its roof. On the model the clearance between the bottom of the grab rail and the top of the roof is so small that it was very hard to clean. The gap was far too small for a cotton bud, and a bit too small for a pipe cleaner. The answer was a small size interdental brush, but when I was wandering around the house trying to find something to squeeze into this tiny gap I remembered something. The gap on the real boat was also too small! If you walked up the sidedeck and quickly took hold of the grab rail you would skin you knuckles on the top of the cuddy. That's really fantastic model building!

Richard "repair shop" B

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