Monday 7 March 2022

Group Chat

 There's a new area of etiquette that is emerging about Whatsapp group chats. I'm in a group of people who were close to my mum and who wanted to follow her health, wellbeing and treatment. Since she died I started a smaller "ADMIN" group for dealing with the hard business of her house, her will, her funeral and her estate. It's just got her children in it and I'm the youngest by a wide margin. One of my friends pointed out at the weekend that there's probably another group that just has my older siblings in it and that I know nothing about. He might be right. Worse, he decided that the group would be called "Planned Children".

My sister is funny and frustrating in group chats in equal measure. She can't tell what's a direct message and what's in a group and she will reply in random places so she will gaslight everyone into thinking "I'm sure we JUST discussed this why are we going over it again" or "I've missed something, how is this the first I'm hearing about it?".

Richard "reply to all" B

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