Wednesday 5 January 2022


 I remember a comedian talking about class. He said it wasn't so much being stabbed in South London that upset him, but the fact that the mugger was holding the knife like a pen. I had some similar thoughts at the weekend.

I was driving my hopelessly slow and gutless car on the A38 and I tried to overtake another car. I was pressing the pedal into the carpet but my car was going faster than the other one by much less than walking pace. During the torturously long time that I was overtaking, the other car was weaving around in its lane and nearly strayed into mine at one point. When I was level with it I turned to glare at the driver. What annoyed me wasn't that she was rolling a cigarette, but that she was doing it badly. The paper was almost flat (not folded), there was too much tobacco, and some of it was spilling out the end.

Richard "If we're going to die in a car crash for the sake of a cigarette, I want it to look like it came out of a machine" B

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