Monday 20 July 2020

Mallory Park

Last week I went on my first track day of the year at Mallory Park. Safety briefings have moved online so there is an enormous amount of hanging around to be done between signing on and driving the sighting laps. As is traditional I saw an obscure single seater that went on track once, spent half a day in the paddock being peered at, and had been trailered away by lunch. My favourite car was a race prepared frogeye Sprite with a tiny "toad of toad hall" aeroscreen. The weather forecast said there was going to be heavy showers so I went with wet tyres that I wanted to try out. It stayed dry all day, I think I was the only person in the paddock hoping for rain.

On the way home I ran out of petrol. The faultfinding of that particular problem was very annoying because even when the recovery service arrived the gauge was still reading "top of the red". Worse, the gauge is reading the same now that there’s half a tank of fuel in there.

Richard "fuel level sender" B

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