Tuesday 7 April 2020


It seems most likely that the COVID19 pandemic is just an unlucky natural occurrence. Bats, like us are mammals, like us they live together in huge numbers, and like us they are wide ranging. As such they make a perfect breeding (and evolution) ground for viruses. If one makes a success of itself in the bat population, and it's adaptable enough to jump to humans, then it's really hit the big time!

There are people claiming that COVID19 is biologically engineered, and it's worth thinking about that idea for a moment. It would be an impressive feat of science, it would require enormous cruelty to deliver it into the population, and there would have to be a vaccine or cure available to the instigators. I will admit though that what's currently going on (destruction of the economy, overloading of medical resources, fragmentation of society, death and distrust) does look very much like a softening-up operation in preparation for an invasion.

So who would have done it? In recent weeks I have seen a surprising amount of anti-Chinese propaganda: They lied about the seriousness of the initial outbreak and put billions of lives in danger; their wet markets mix live and slaughtered animals and their filth; look at the horrible things that they eat; watch this video of a chinaman frying a dog alive; most impressively, they seem to have corrupted the World Health Organisation. These would clearly be false-flag propaganda operations, so I can only think that the Russians would be behind it.

I'm not a military strategist, but I did play some "Risk" as a child. I know that it's all very well trying to take Europe through Ukraine and Bellaruse, but while you're doing it someone else is amassing forces in Alaska and invading through Kamchatka. As it's already springtime, Alaska is warming up and the counter-invasion is feasible, so I really don't think it's likely that this pandemic was done on purpose.

And then what always seems to happen is that in the aftermath of the mutual destruction in Eurasia, someone who appeared to be out of the game will appear, resurgent, from Australasia and take the entire world. I for one welcome our new god-emperor Jacinda Ardern.

Richard "Collusion Hypothesis" B

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