Thursday 21 November 2019

Film Review Review

This week I have been down a YouTube rabbit hole of amateur film reviews. I cannot recommend the channel "Critical Drinker" enough. He's a professional writer and incredibly knowledgeable on story telling and character development. He does good reviews of films - generally films that he hates. He sets himself apart from his competition by having a broad Scots accent and by getting drunk before he records his script. It's delivered in an angry slurring drawl.

I've also read some brilliant things in the various comments sections.

"This plot has more holes than Blackburn Lancashire."

"St. Greta Thunberg saying 'Hhow Dhare You! You have stolen my dreams and my childhood' – that's how we feel about The Last Jedi."

The best question that someone posed about the upcoming Star Wars film, and the end of the Skywalker story arc: "Is Luke going to get his power converters?"

My new favourite conspiracy theory is about the film Alien: "Jonesy and the xenomorph are working together"

Richard "wake up sheeple" B

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