Tuesday 7 June 2016

Crystal Maze

I got involved in the most fascinating puzzle game this weekend. A friend of mine visited on Saturday night and on Sunday she texted me to tell me that she'd stolen one object from my house, and that my challenge was to work out what it was.

Before I even went home and checked, I guessed that it was Kelly Deal (the cuddly polar bear that I accidentally won when I was trying to flirt with a girl selling raffle tickets). I got the ominous reply "Strike 1". I don't know much about baseball, but I guessed that 3 strikes would mean I lost the game, object, or my house.

It's a fascinating and compelling game. I spent hours wandering around the house thinking "did something else used to be here?". Can you confidently list every framed picture and ornament in your lounge? How many orphan toothbrushes are by the bathroom sink? By Sunday afternoon I was confident that it wasn't a piece of furniture, all the picture hooks still had something on them, and I still had all my musical instruments.

I collect fridge magnets from foreign holidays, and while both Space Needle magnets were still there with the Osbourne Bull and the Legendary Cock of Barcelos I convinced myself that one of the lesser magnets was missing. "Strike 2".

I'm delighted to say that I did laundry and ironing on Sunday evening and the duvet cover from the bed in the spare room was missing!

Richard "Joy in Mudville" B

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