Tuesday 25 November 2014


Last week I took part in the most boring Tombola ever. I got a card from the Royal Mail saying that they had a letter for me, but that the postage had been underpaid. For an entry fee of £1.53 I could win the letter and find out whether it interested me. Curiosity got the better of me and I decided to take the gamble.

All the members of my family are somewhat eccentric, but it seems to affect the women more strongly. On a day that I was driving to Heathrow and calling in at my sister's along the way, my mum wanted me to have come cuttings out of the newspaper, and some notes that she'd made on a traditional folk song. She posted them to my sister's house thinking that they would overtake me on my journey and intercept me there. When my sister eventually got them she really obviously opened the envelope, stuffed in a postcard, taped up the envelope, and wrote my address on the front. She put it in the postbox again without paying the postage. That was my prize in the Royal Mail Excess Postage Raffle.

Richard "it only took three and a half weeks to arrive" B

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