Tuesday 22 April 2014

I'd like to dedicate this next song to a dead rodent

Over Easter I was visited by an old girlfriend. When she used to live with me she kept guinea pigs, they were very sweet creatures and I developed quite a bond with the one that looked like a shaving brush. That guinea pig seemed to have a favourite song. Each morning while I was doing my guitar practice the pigs were turned out onto the carpet to exercise and forage for their breakfast. Whenever I played The Kinks "Til The End of the Day" the pig would charge uncharacteristically around the lounge. The original recorded version had a similar effect on it.

When I was at a rock concert in Seattle a few weeks ago I heard the same song and was reminded of the creature. The old girlfriend has recently taken up the ukulele, so I relearned the song (on ukulele) and taught it to her during her visit - in memory of the dearly departed Rexford-Rex.

Richard “the postman brought me ...fuck all so far” B

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