Tuesday 11 February 2014


Weather forecasting is an inexact science, and headline writing is a lax literary discipline, but even so the weather stories we've had in the local paper have been laughably inaccurate. The southwest has been hit by a series of storms recently. According to the local paper one was going to be "apocalyptic". It was only apocalyptic if the four horsemen were called War Famine Pestilence and Persistent-Heavy-Drizzle. The next storm was described as "more wind and rain", that one damaged my mum's house, almost destroyed one of my favourite restaurants, and has left most of the Southwest inaccessible by rail. The third storm was "Monster storm will be worse than 1987". For me it involved one night of slightly disturbed sleep, 1987 was much worse. It was a whole year long, I was subject to a strict curfew, I had to get up early every morning to do a paper round, there was a massacre in Hungerford and the Zebrugge ferry sank.

Richard "and apparently Mrs Thatcher was re-elected" B

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