Tuesday 26 November 2013


This week I have been socialising with one of my old school friends who is visiting from Seattle. We talked a lot about our school days and I was amazed by the cruelty and imagination of some of the nicknames that the children were given:

  • Pasty
    My friend, who had a face a bit like a pasty.
  • The Sherrif
    A ginger boy who used to strut around with an amazing sense of entitlement.
  • Leatherface
    A girl who didn’t have excellent skin.
  • Splinterprick
    A boy whose surname was Woodcock.
  • Ghee
    A boy with a distinctive laugh.
  • Flaky-bake
    A girl with mild eczema.
  • Lead-Head
    A boy who once had a pencil thrown at him.
  • Bottlebank
    A girl alledged to have done something unseemly with a beer bottle.
  • Point
    A boy with a pointy head.
  • Wan
    A boy called Ivan whose name was once written clumsily in capital letters.
  • Pro-Wan
    A boy called Wan who always had the best of everything.
  • Pivot-Pro-Wan
    A boy called Pro-Wan with an unconventional basketball technique.
  • WPC-Pivot-Pro-Wan
    A boy called Pivot-Pro-Wan who wanted to be a policeman.
  • Ladies-Love-WPC-Pivot-Pro-Wan
    A boy called WPC-Pivot-Pro-Wan who French kissed a girl at a party.
Richard "You've got a point there Andy" B

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