Tuesday 17 September 2013


This weekend was all about not making noise. On Friday night I was working for a Beatles tribute act and I got shouted at by the venue staff because apparently the band had started too early. I hadn’t made any of the arrangements and didn’t know what time they were supposed to start, but I was much more convenient to shout at because the band were already on stage.

On Saturday morning I needed to test a bass guitar amplified that I had mended. I did it in the garage, but it’s still very loud, and I expected to have to apologise to the neighbours. After about 5 minutes a man approached me, I shut up and started to apologise. The man had actually been admiring my bass playing (it wasn’t admirable) and wanted to warn me that he was going to be running a chainsaw for a couple of hours.

On Saturday night I was working for a show that had three bands, finishing with the Oasis tribute. The second band couldn’t sing or play their instruments, they should have been quiet. At the end of the night, one of the barstaff said to us, “I wasn’t expecting that tonight: You guys sounded just like Oasis”. I don’t know what he thought an Oasis tribute would sound like, but maybe he’s grown used to the bands that can’t sing or play.

Richard “stop that racket” B

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