Tuesday 6 November 2012


One of the best games for the Nintendo wii console was "Rayman Raving Rabbits". It had hundreds of funny mini-games, the enemy characters were all cute bunnies, the graphic design and music were excellent, it was good fun to play, and it didn't take itself at all seriously. The name is not to be confused with "Rampant Rabbits" which are a (popular? ubiquitous? prized?) line of vibrators. How I, and my male friends, know that name is too smutty and embarrassing for this blog, but some of us still hesitate to ask the question "What did you get for Christmas?"

Some years ago I spent a Friday night at one of my female colleague's house. She was single at the time, but it was a completely platonic visit. A fact which I struggled to convince my friends, particularly when I misspoke during their questioning "So you're telling me that you went to Sexy-Redacted's house by yourself and you didn't try it on with her?" "Absolutely it was completely innocent." "Really? what did you do then?" "I went there by bus, we ate an Indian takeaway, drank a couple of bottle of wine, played Rampant Rabbits, and I got a cab home."

Richard "Katzenklappe" B

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