Tuesday 26 June 2012

X is a dish best served Y

Revenge is a dish best served cold

When I was a child I spent a lot of time at one of my friend's houses playing computer games and we would also periodically tease his younger brother, another keen gamer. My friend now lives in America and is consequently watching the European Championships a day late. Shortly after England won the group and went through to the quarter finals we received this email from his younger brother.

SUBJECT: LeChucks Revenge
England 1 - Ukraine 0 (Rooney scores with header from cross). Top of the table.

22 years ago, Mr Adam Redacted and Mr Richard Redacted decided to tell me the end of 'Monkey Island 2'.

Today, I get my revenge on one of you. Adam enjoy the US 6:30pm PST England replay game at the George & Dragon Inn in full knowledge of the end result.

Richard you will be next.

How much wood can a wood chuck chuck........


Curry is a dish best served racist

Last week I went to a conference in London and we went out for a curry in the evening. We looked at two Indian restaurants, and when we went into one of them the proprietor told us that we'd made the right choice. With admirable casual racism he told us that the food here was really authentic, we shouldn't go to the other place because it's run by Bangladeshis.

Dessert is a dish best served in bulk

At the conference lunch was served from many small stands spread throughout the venue, there was some queuing, but it was pretty well organised and the food was good. After my pulled-pork, rice, and veg I walked back to the auditorium and passed a huge table full of crèmes brullee, I helped myself to one and it was delicious. It was quite small so I ate a second, this one was even better because it had a strawberry in the bottom. Nobody else seemed interested in them so I quickly ate a third before the lecture. On my was back to the auditorium I passed several other stalls stocked with smaller numbers of the same dessert, each stall was manned, each had a large queue, and the desserts were clearly being given out one at a time. In retrospect I think I was actually grazing at a staging area that the catering staff were using to distribute the food through the venue.

Richard "food, racism and revenge" B

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