Thursday 29 December 2011


You will see more of the light of reason if you stick your head in a pig than if you take the motto "post hoc ergo proctor hoc" at face value. It means "following the event therefore caused by the event" and it's now cited as a logical fallacy. I like to think that some lazy bugger in one of the ancient civilizations made a gash translation and set philosophy and jurisprudence back a thousand years. "Does anyone know the Latin for 'does not necessarily imply'? - oh f**k it 'ergo' must be close enough".

I had very many items on my todo list before Christmas and when I actioned "Cards for neighbours" I thought that I had stumbled upon a new and fundamental truth. The woman with the Hooters shirt, the bloke next door and I are all single. The family on the end and the couple with the barky greyhound are both still married. On the other side of the road the hot single mum, and the bloke who's wife and van I used to admire are single, the families on both ends are still married.

"Sh*t the bed" I said "The secret of a happy marriage is having a 3 bed house with a dining room!" It works for everybody I know in my street, my parents, and all of my friends' parents that I could think of. However correlation doesn't imply causality, the sample is statistically insignificant, and having a dining room is probably a proxy for something that comes with a happy and successful marriage. Oh Man, I'm never going to win a Nobel prize.

Richard "steganographic blog post" B


  1. Can we have another one like this please? More crowbarring odd words into stories..