Saturday 8 October 2011

Comedy Timing

The most important element of comedy is timing, and on Friday night the most perfect set of circumstances and timing ended in one of the funniest things that any of us had every seen. We were sitting around in the pub drinking and telling stories. To understand any of what follows you have to know:
  1. Cameras used to contain photographic film, and your pictures were printed in a laboratory.
  2. I had to be circumcised as an adult (painful and inconvenient).
  3. I was once fellated in public on the street in Mutley Plain (It was New Year's Eve).
  4. I'm not immune to embarrassment, but my threshhold is much higher than for normal people.
The story that they were telling was about me and a photo that the young woman on Mutley Plain took. She thought it would be funny for the owner of the camera to find a picture of male genitalia a week later when he got his pictures back from the chemists.

"...and that was the only picture of my cock before I had my foreskin removed" I said. At that second I realised that the young, pretty, and sober barmaid was standing at our table collecting glasses. She had obviously heard what I'd just said and she was staring at me in horror. I was so embarrassed that I would have happily disappeard through the floor - even if I'd been standing at the gallows with a noose around my neck. In fact I just said "Um, Pleased to meet you."

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