Monday 18 July 2011

Car Keys

On Saturday evening a friend drove me to another friends house, where we had a takeaway meal, and watched low quality TV. The couple we visited have a nearly-three-year-old daughter who takes great pleasure in playing with car keys and mobile phones. When it was time to go home the car keys were missing. We checked pockets, looked in the little girl's toy box, and asked her where they were. We didn't find them. All four adults then spent the next 25 minutes doing a search of the house that would have put a police forensics team to shame. I removed all the dvds from the shelves to look behind them, I checked every food cupboard and draw in the kitchen. We didn't find the keys. The little girl was asked several times where the keys were, with differing levels of sympathy, her most frequent answer was "not here daddy" no matter which room she was in. Eventually the owner of the car washed his hands after having emptied the kitchen dustbin and not found the keys, the keys were hidden underneath the towel that had been left on a radiator near to the wash hand basin. "There they are daddy".

Childish game of the week
Replace the word "heart" with the word "arse" in song lyrics and titles. Eg. Blondie's "Arse of glass" and Gene Pitney's "Something gotten hold of my arse". Don't send me your suggestions, I have been doing this all weekend.

Richard "stop the clock, I've got the keys" B