Monday 6 June 2011

Motorcycle Maintenance

People often take cues for what to do with their time from what they see on television. The snooker halls are full during the world championships, you see more runners when a big marathon is televised, and more people play football in the park at the beginning of the football season. The Isle of man TT races are running at the moment, so I expect lots of motorcycle enthusiasts are busy treating the public roads like a race track, and putting themselves and the public in danger. Not me, I seem to have inadvertently based my weekend on the TT pit crews.

My motorbike developed a serious fault on Saturday, and I am in the enviable, but heavily constraining position of having my own garage with light and power, a fair set of tools, and a good wandering light. When all decent god-fearing folk should have been falling out of nightclubs into taxis and kebab shops, I was staying up well past me bedtime, and getting up at dawn, trying to get my bike ready for race day commuting on Monday.

Richard "seized choke cable" B